About Us

Let me introduce you to this little venture that started a couple of years ago following my dreams, I am a Father and husband who is a soccer fan and a sportswear fan who decided to start promoting soccer uniforms and jerseys with friends, family, and at our sons soccer school. In each tournament that they have, very kindly we have been allowed to set up a place to sell children's uniforms and other items ... and little by little we have been growing in this dream like a big family! We are satisfied in doing this because we do it with great respect and seriousness.

Thank you to all our clients for trusting us, they motivate us to keep working and giving happiness in every order, and now I have good news for you! Yes, we decide to do it online too! No matter how far you may be, your favorite apparel will get to you! Now you can join our great family and start scoring in style with Soccer Crack. Don't miss out!


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